Thursday, October 11, 2007

Combinations of two havocers

Today damn fun...keruing combine with cengal class..

We had dare or dare game and we sat in one big group..everyone must kena


-Craig had to pump in front of candace and show middle finger..haha another he had no STARJUMP IN FRONT OF THE CLASS SAYING I LOVE YOU SANDRAAAA..

-Weng wai had to pump and say i love you to and another was...was....shit i forgot..must have laugh to much

-I had to pour some water over my pants and ask jing hui to wipe..XD another one kena whack by a girl..ouchh you watch out soonlen

-Yu kane had to pull his pants high..act like a gay fellow..haha congratsss

-Wan jynn had to write krystle's name all over his leg and ask her to write her number..haha another he said to the girls "guess my hobi" with a paper written sex and he had to do the actions while we sang "i believe i can fly"

Jeremy had to..had to....arghh cant are lucky jeremy

Wing keong had to shake his balls..haha and had to sit on a chair VIBRATING..horny

Then out of a sudden after recess Julian, Siew ho, Astrid and Delon came..must be bored in their classes..i pity them..haha then potato and cik chow came in and spoiled our fun..haizzz..after that was pn lam..haha we made so much noise till she got so fedup..haha oops..oww yea pn the enviroment i know i it..

and Weng wai two brought cameras but no one took a nice picture..luckly didnt hire you guys..should have snap a shot when pn lam scoldig us.hahhaa..

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