Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's special

Today damn lame..BI Sathya had a game..
bet you guys played it with her..its called sharade..Jian Xiong was so tall that he had to bend down just to talk to her..XD MAN

NO cooperation from our class..yawnz..Craig you better bring camera tomorrow..snap pictures in class..hahha..wanna snap pictures when teacher scolding students
many teachers arent going to be in school tomorrow so HALLELUJAH!!!!

First period Pn Jaliah didnt come and Pn Puah replaced her..
Weng Wai was so shocked cause that was the teacher that saw him play in the
mc D playground...we started laughing out loud..then teacher called weng wai to stand in front

haha after that we started to keep quiet and let weng wai stand in front for a while..haha you should see his cute innocent face..

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