Friday, August 14, 2009

i'm not joshua. Take 2!

Hello Joshua's blog. And Joshua's readers. (: This post must be really decent. (:

He's lazy to update. So in order to entertain his readers, i, as the.. urmm.. alternate blogger (hahah) will do the honour. (:

Okay, first of all. I just made the blogger of this blog a little bit angry. JUST A LITTLE BIT OKAY. But he's still very very nice. :D

So i'm here to apologise.

I'm sorry kawan kawan baik. (: And don't be too stressed. I think you are too. Because we're all stressed.

Okay let's go back to the main point.

I'm not Joshua. I'm just helping him update. A really really decent post. Because i don't wanna make him pissed.

I've never seen him angry before, but i think it'll be quite scary. So yeah. Oh my god, my heart is beating so fast ahahha. I think i'm gonna read through this post a gazillion times to make sure it's really really neutral and didn't trigger anyone's feelings.

and he emo more thank anyone i know does. HAHA no lah joking. But he always says i emo. Hypocrite.

I don't wanna write too long. SO JOSHUA, are you satisfied with this decent post?

Because if you're not, i'm sorry but this is the furthest i can go.

Haha byebye joshua's blog. :D

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