Friday, February 20, 2009


Do you people have the "blahs" sometimes ? Yea I'm having it right now. Feel so lifeless doing the same routine everyday. Need to :

1) Exercise ( dang said I'm getting fatter )

2) Complete my homeworks man! It's PILING UP LIKE SHIT

3) Haven't thought of number 3 yet

Anyways malls are getting boring. I mean it's nice when you are with some friends but think about it. What to do but movies, walk around like idiots, play pool/bowling? It's nothing special nor new. Time's have changed. Miss the good old days where everything seems so fun and new to you.

Especially when you go parties and all the places we go. No matter what we do it's always fun. Now it's different. We have to think of where to have the parties. What to wear. Who to invite and especially WHAT TO DO.


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