Sunday, February 22, 2009


Cross country was yesterday. Wait I just realise I usually blog about what happened one day. LOL anyways moving on. It was okay. Not to say very satisfying but not bad for someone who doesn't exercise at all (: Yes I'm talking about me.

BUT.....I'm starting

Need to lose all these FATS! Congrats to those who got top 20. Get your medal one monday (:

Hmm Studying.....

Exams are around the corner. Pmr is drawing closer. GENG GENG GENG GENG
Haih now I feel the pressure. Few years back we were worrying about our UPSR and trust me I hate the feeling of being scared to hell. That time they asked us to sign the paper my hands were shaking like shit.

Imagine getting our Pmr results. Ish exams sucks honestly.
Takes up our time to study study study.

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