Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another holiday wasted

Last day of Holidays and this is how I spent my whole week

1. Sat at home watched tv like no one's business

2. Gone online chatted and talked with friends

3. Gone out twice with tuition mates (haihz no school mates cause their timing all no transport)


Ish I wish i am 18 right now. Cause only then i have my license and i am free of exams. But think of it this way...another step to become an adult. Life is sooo complicated and what am i doing with it?!?!?

Just heard my aunt talking to my dad about jobs and stuffs. Guess the phrase " when there is a will there is a way " doesn't work when it comes to reality. I mean yea it does but not all the time. She wanna be a psychologist and I am happy for her but my dad says its abit too risky.

p/s: I wanted to be a chemist like her...looks cool

Wow never knew it was this hard trying to get a job. I guess when they say " enjoy life ", this is how they mean it

1. Play hard work hard

2. Have clean and harmless fun

3. I won't say cause i definitely DO NOT AGREE ON THIS ONE>>>(don't go out often )...

nyahah...well thats about it


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