Friday, August 29, 2008

Can't it get any worse ?!

Yesterday was kinda boring i must say. Seriously. I performed in CF yada yada. After that I dashed out of there with Dang. They were having this bible charades...yes you know we don't read the bible and thats bad enough but charades about characters in the bible?!? Gonna embarrass myself so went out with Dang

We went to 7-E then came back and yea thats about what we did before school started. Then classes begun and yea it was B.O.R.I.N.G....but science was kinda stupid though. We had to do this experiment by running up the stairs and Yu Kane took about 30 seconds....very fast!!

anyways merdeka celebrations were great. Screamed and Shouted like nobody's business. Hahah Julian got caught for jumping around. Liang too. Sad Sad case

OH YEA EXAMS ARE POSTPONED TO THE 30 OF OCTOBER...wth I mean I want exams to end so that I can have my relaxation time of my own but nooooo. The stupid PPD's gotta make it at the end of October. ARSES!!

anyways there is nothing to updated about so yea I am ciaoing


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