Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today had been fun..well painful in some ways too

Went for badminton...( the only time i can go out and it will be one of my last )
with Julian and Mick as usual

Went there and i bumped into Aaron and Leeann. Oh yea HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEEANN!!!!!
Anyways played few games. Our badminton thing ended at 2 like that. So after that we went straight to Julian's house.

Can you believe it that he has a pool in his house compound?!?!
I can cause i just jumped down from his window and into the pool. Damn fun. HAHAHA oh yea Julian tried too but he kinda have the pain( like the ones where you fall on your tummy in the pool ). Yea that pain... ouch

anyways nothing much to talk about. School is restarting!!! CRAP FACE

okay thats all i guess


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