Friday, August 15, 2008

EH EH EH EH EH..........guess what

ITS HOLIDAYS MAN!!!!!!!!!! or woman or whatever you are
Finally you can say " forget about your worries " cause it's holidays...(well at least for one week)

Already planned my week ahead. Monday am going to have badminton session at taman megah
Anyone interested??? Am going to ask Marcus to book the court

And Tuesday...well lets just say we stay at home

Wednesday am going for jamming...well hope my parents allow. I mean mum dad it is holidays so let me goooooo

Thursday well i ain't too sure. Maybe invite people over ??

Friday Saturday Sunday I am gonna die...get ready for school again

hahaha well at least it is a plan don't you think ?

Anyways tonight am going to watch wall-e. You know the cute animated robot who put the bra on his eyes? Haha yea that one. Can't wait. Feel so energetic. Oh yea thanks nat for the book. If you know what i mean ;)

okay thats all for nothing to blog actually

oh yea sorry Yu Kane and Xiann for being unable to attend the usaha logbook session. Parents don't allow me sleeping over...Lame excuse but true

sorry!! ciaoz

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