Sunday, August 10, 2008

Siew Ho and Xiann had been asking whenever i go online " Dota..Dota? "

Ish GG ain't working thats the problem..and i seriously don't know how to play Dota
Please lah..i know you all wanna feed on me

Anyways i don't know what to blog about
Things have been different for me these past few weeks
It's like sometimes things have their ups and downs...but today it seems like it has went down like hell without any reason.

I mean I dunno what is wrong but yea.. it just happens you know
At times when you get sad or lonely or depress for no good is the time for me

I just wanna get away from trouble and just think what's really happening in my life cause I think i kinda lost track of what i have to do
I don't study...I don't do my work...

AHHH okay enough emo-ing

well thats about all I gotta say..ciaoz

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natalyn said...

your most welcome(;