Monday, June 9, 2008

this is another request from Alycia to blog about her..WOW i got four request asking me to blog about them...okay okay here goes

Alycia..hmm i don't really know her that long but counting its maybe six months or so that i have known her. She is the talkative type in a good way. Hyperactive you may say so. She is sotong!! I named her that. I met her on the way to CF camp. HAHA i still remember dang and i were bugging them asking them loads of questions. xDD yes she claims she was in choir and she knew me in sktm. Haihz i am soooo forgetful at times..xD

this is another picture to add to my blog

She plays her dreams. HAHA


Okay now this other part is requested by carmen to blog about her so yea another one to add to collection

Carmen Carmen Carmen....actually i don't really know what to blog about you offence but yea. I guess i still remember when we talked alot through msn. Yea and she is a really nice girl....oh yea i met her in cf camp. I think...she was with vicky elena kristie rachel aud and suet mei. Haha yea Carmen i remember carrying your fat ass WEIGHT on my back. I think i woke up having cramps

haha THIS is the girl behind all these words

Attempt to be lala...not bad i shall say

HAHA well thats about it for today

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