Thursday, June 12, 2008

YIEKSS everytime when it comes to11 o clock i quietly sneak online and will be stuck at the comp till like middle of the night. Have you seen my eye bags lately ?? ITS FREAKING HUGE!!

Yea anyways today belian was kinda fun. Especially when we started writing "RICH BITCH", "KISS ME BABY ( obviously i wrote that...hehe ) and plenty more on duct tape. Yes fortunately Jessica brought it to school so we kinda had fun during maths class..but as usual every fun thing has an ending

Soooo after few minutes of playing i eventually dosed off to sleep......AS USUAL
HAHA yea i was paying attention what Pn Khoo was teaching so yea had to rest my eyes. I even slept in science lab. NYAHA !!

that miss Loke is abit boring k. Wait cut the abit
she is DAMN boring. No offence but yea i had to let it out.

so what did i dream when i was in science lab?? hmmm... all i remembered was i hit my head against Yu Kane's cheek...hehe

this is an example of a really REALLY bad dream and it can cause to server nightmare:

( its Dang under that clownish out........wait he isnt wearing any outfits...xD jk jk )

Isn't he cool ? Well he is a good guitarist with a fancy ESP

haha when i look at the *STARS*

okay thats about it. gtg sleep...get rid of the bags. Ciaoz!

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