Tuesday, June 3, 2008

today was scouts hike....wahhh i twisted my ankle
frist we went all the way to srjkc yuk chai. thats not the hard part

then we went aman suira. ROTI TEH
thats still not the bad part

when we headed on to smk tropicana thats when all the hell started
we got tired bearing also lazy to read no shortcuts
ahhh water trust me more than enough

then we headed to kbu colledge
wow we took the FARRRR walk to 1u and there is where we had to turn back to community hall and get irfans bag long walk to taman tun blah blah blah community service

oh yea FROM bukit kiara we could have reached smk du in minutes but nooo we walked back to 1u and took the long long way to smk du

yea walked back from balai polis to school half dead but still standing..all the pics i lazy to put in now
tired like mad


yes i can actually get in front of the camera's but this pics arent nice..hoping for better ones..ahah

end of picturess....gtg ciaoz

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