Friday, June 6, 2008

this is requested by Hannah Ong . She wants me to blog about her....xD

Hannah is a true friend. Yes she is the hyperactive type but that makes her amazing. Well she goes crazy over hot guys so if you think you can date her... Goodluck

I remember when i first met her. I went for the skate thing...DUMC church had this outing. That was the time when i got her number or vice versa and yeaaaa, we smsed each other and eventually VOILA she is my pet sis now. Yea and puochuin she wanna meet you

So yea its actually a good idea to ask me to blog about her cause i was doing nothing actually and needed to update so yea here it is. Oh yea you wanna see her picture ?

She can really pose so yea dont mind her... Well not that bad too don't you think so
Yea she asked me to camwhore with her..i mean pfft please i don't camwhore.........alot

Hahah okay well thats what i can say about her... visit her at

OHMYJOSH i sound like promoting her....haha xD

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