Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The 1st day

First day of work isn't so bad. Met my "superiors". They adviced me in many stuffs like which cigarette is which O.O. Ain't going to be a smoker cause smoking is bad! And imagine how much I hate smoking, I have to sell cigarettes ?! Ish what a mess thinking when any customer enters, would he/she buy a cigarette ? If yes then I hate her/he. Haha!

Anyways my day started off when I woke up at 9, ate my breakfast and walked to work. As I was walking down the road all of a sudden I got a phone call

Josh : Hello ?

Dang : Eh my dad picking you up

Josh : ?!?

Hahah I was on the main road somemore. But thanks Mr Dang for picking me up. Not you Dang Kuok Ian but thanks to you too. I had a great dinner after all. Haha! Be nice to your maid

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