Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another 9 days and I'm off to Thailand for the hols. It's pretty exciting actually come to think of it but there are some setbacks cause of this holiday trip. Oh well you gain you lose.

At this very minute, 12.51am sharp on my comp's clock, I'm actually doing my tuition homework that is required tomorrow. Oh my gosh how much I hate tuitions right now. Especially those hardworking teachers that won't let you go!

Everyone says "Have a good holiday" and I know mine is going to be a hell disaster because of this tuition. I mean it's holidays man. Anyone knows how to do form 3 maths chapter 5 :( ?

Ahh tomorrow is my job briefing and I'm actually kinda excited to start work. I really don't know why but yea it's gonna be fun once you get your money. Hehe! I'm begging my mum to change new laptop cause this current one I'm using SUCKS LIKE HELL. Lag Lag Hang Lag. Ish that's all this useless piece of junk does.

Hopefully I can pay half of the price of the new laptop and my parents pay the other half :)

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