Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm I. I feel like I can't have the fun I used to have now. It seems.......different
I know I can't have everything but is it true that I can't have what I desire most right now ?

I prayed for a miracle and it came. Now I pray I don't have to wake up from this dream cause I know in reality there ain't miracles like this one. I don't know what to do anymore. What to pray for. What to expect or rather work for right now. I ain't desperate but then I sound like I've been through this the first time.

I do not know how to handle myself okay? They say those who love you for who you are are the ones who really love you....but if I try changing to be someone better, does that go against the saying?

I know my bad points so if I change would it change your mind?

I need time.....and a second chance
Looks like suckers like me will never get one

1 comment:

the radical one said...

aww..dont say that.
You are alot better than you think and you know it. :)
Cheer up ,yea? Everyone needs time to put their head to rest for a moment. I'm sure you need it too.