Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wow yesterday was seriously one of the best day. Went sktm with old friends and you know had so much time. Went mamak and we started talking like

"What happened if we ordered roti tissue tak nak roti?"...that's where all the nonsense started.
And we actually asked the guy there. AHAHHA he was sporting so yea not a problem.

After that we went to Esther's house to swim and all. We kept singing the pokemon song which was soooo darn funny. If you need a racist joke ask Siew Ho. He told us one. xD

Anyways here are the pics...quite lil cause the rest not nice
the classic..hahah and i am taller than Esther. HAHAPn Ng and us
the number 1 jakuns that came from sktmThe guy who we played the prank on...hahah he accepted to take a picture with usI was helping Sab carry her handbag and they took a pic of me...blah that's what you get for being a good samaritan.
Me in that water bubble thingy
Trust me it wasn't easy as you think. AHAH I wonder how they can do it
Okay no comment
At long last a decent picture....excluding the MATAS(maders) at the back

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