Friday, November 28, 2008

4th day and the pain is starting to take effect. Wow I can't believe I made RM 144 in four days. Pfft and my parents said I couldn't take the pressure. Hahah just the pain that I'm not to comfortable with.

Haihz some complications in life that we just can't deal it with. Dang you suck! I had to rearrange the mess you created. You people are lifeless seriously. Hahah!

I have to work overtime now every sat -.- And sat I'll be having break alone cause Dang doesn't work on sat. Sad isn't it but oh wells. I'll be making big bucks at the end of the day. But the thing is some people make 5 per hour. Ahhh who cares about their job.

I have to let out another sigh.


Okay all better. Hahah okay then I'll stop here

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