Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beat me dead

I know its hard for you to forgive me after what I said and did but I am really sorry. Please
I have been a jerk to you. And I know how much you hate hot-tempered guys and I'm truly sorry. There is nothing more I want right now but for you to talk to me and forgive me. Seriously I'm just raking my brains out trying to find the right word to make you forgive me and trying to plan a speech but its all true. And there wont be a next time when this happens. I seriously am really sorry and I promise that this will never happen again. One chance is all I need....all I want from you. Last night I couldn't sleep knowing that you are mad at me and I'd do anything to make you happy now cause I realized how much I want you to be happy. And I'm sorry I had to find out the hard way. Well I just hope that nothing changed.....I seriously am sorry. Sincerely

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