Friday, March 14, 2008


imagine going there just being your ordinary self but when you leave you are different

not only does the words god give us is beautiful but the way he touches us all from the inside
breaking into tears ..okay i did cry okay

it was fun

the part where i kena twice for not making my bed was seriously irritating fact
and the boys dorm was amazing..passage to the upper hill, straight to the hall and to the windows of GIRLS

and when talent time it was just funny you should have seen us act
and to think i brought my logbook to keep myself entertained

poor dang was homesick..just he is happy now

and yesterday was the best of all

we tried to prank the security which does the checking for whoever isnt asleep
we woke up at 2 to prank them with the clogate shaving cream and loads of tissues in our hands

we open the door...creak....then suddenly derrick open the toilet door and there was jeremy's[security] face in front of him..jeremy shouted GG then the rest of security woke up and sprayed water..i was able to escape with jeremy ang but decided to turn back and join them

then we open the door and was pulled in...haha suppose to get punish for that but didnt..poor them
cleaned up their room for nothing..just to see us go free

then we had this wheelbarrel was the worse
i had to carry carmen yang on my back and guess back is aching terriblely
and i mean serious joke..ahahha she is kinda heavy but no offence

then there is weird dressing night..haha was happy for some reason which you peeps must not know...till i post some pics lah that is

well all is over now and we are back..i hope we furfill what paster sandra wants us to do...AMEN

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