Saturday, March 29, 2008

happiness is confusing at times

walking around seeing people with different thing that makes them happy. Girlfriends, toys, money...etc
whats the real meaning of happiness..what makes you happy

is walking with a girl you love makes you happy ? or seeing them smile ?

i always wanted her to be happy and matter what she choose. remember good thing isn't always the it that hard to make someone happy
its like they are happy yet you are sitting here mourning about the pain you feel inside and yet you feel happy to see her smile and laugh

i have seen many couples in 1u and places but what is it that binds them together..that makes them happy.
happiness can be stripped away from someone just like that. some suicide cause they cant find that missing thing that completes their happiness. will i end up like them?
will i be pulled away from someone i care so much and makes me happy ?

everyone says..there are other girls out there and even BETTER girls

but will that BETTER girls bring as much happiness as i feel when she is around ?
will they make me smile inside out as how she does everytime she looks at me...

NO they wont.. cause all i can think about is her that makes me so happy..

and waiting is my only hope

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