Monday, March 10, 2008

there is this two indian's who went up to the mountains...

allan: eh macha its so cold out here lah. freezing out here deh

indi: yea lah macha i know lah. its so cold

allan: yea lah..dunno whose bloddy idea was it to come out here to the moutains cant even piss

indi: nvm deh..abit more till the top

allan: its so cold the wind passing through lah. just now went to piss the water became ice before it touched the ground. had to break it off lah deh..

indi: ah can you stop talking about cold and change the bloody subject. remember waht the mat salleh told us. think positive deh..think hot hot hot

allan: okay okay. lets pretend we are ordering tosai from breakfields

indi: okay can

(pretending to talk to a person)

allan: eh brother boleh kasi buat two tosai......satu roti planta satu roti telur tambah sambal...and two teh tarik tapi jangan goncang tarik saja. And boleh kasi tutup kipas tak banyak sejuk ni..

indi: okay okay just stop lah macha...

allan: why?? i thought..

indi: not only i am freezing now lah deh you made me hungry also okay

allan: i thought you say think positive positive positive??

indi: nvm


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