Friday, March 7, 2008

wow last night was abit tiring but still was fun..

went akarkarya with weng wai..bugger then called dang and he say everything not planned. Next time he plan better then i go. Wan Jyn, Weng Wai and I were like waiting for 1 hour and yet everyone havent come

then we jammed and suddenly got a call from Sabreena asking where was I
well like the old sayiing. time flies when you are having fun

and weng wai and i flew to 1u..actually there are some "things" happened along the way and i dont need to tell. its embarrasing and tiring

so we ran to pick elena and xiann up

went late for the movie. they pushed us away . same old story

then we ate dinner...I AM NEVER A FAN OF DELIFRANCE expensive yet not worthied

then xiann stayed over and guess what...last night he asked whether i snored then i replied "i dunno but if i do also wont be loud"

and so happened i woke up to on the fan and i found out he was the max volume.hahaha and oh yea he is still out cold sleeping and its 12.33 already

thats about it

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