Monday, March 31, 2008

school school..

sometimes i wish school was more to the fun side than the study type...everyone hates study dont you. Its hard trying to concentrate yet your mind keep wondering around dreaming..

OH SHYTE THAT REMINDS ME..i have to plant the seeds i got today..again my fav line
" AHH lazy lah later only i do "

Sej project really kills..its boring trying to find something about marriage
eshh having bad moods when it comes to study...not good i guess. xD

i wonder how can people stand listening to teacher? i mean i do but can never pay attention at times.i wonder why..;D (no dont think stupid k)

lol life has no meaning and of course handphones. But imagine you have both and suddenly

TAK ada internet and reception...i'll be dead in few hours time if there aint nothing to do and no technology..xD real city boy i guess

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