Saturday, March 22, 2008

scouts scouts..guess what

no not boasting but its been a while and I was seriously doubting about the badge in my hands. Well now have to do logbook..ahhah sad case

Anyway things arent the same anymore in school. I mean my emotions change like the flow of the river. One minute this the next another. haihz sorry for whoever I scolded or whatever I did..cause I aint myself lately

The inside of something still stays eventhough outside changes. What if I am still that old joshua. But I really changed....its complicating. Trying to impress people by being who I aint..the specific someone. The specific someone

Thinking the troubles will go away. The paradise will come back. But i have waited and still no sign. Can time slow the pain i cant

Its like sitting near the ocean...looking at the horizon which is nothing compared to what I see beyond just your outlooks. Listening to the wave of the ocean. Lovestream?? I guess its nothing in reality

Guess what. Waiting for you is worth while but how long will it take? I dunno..there are temptations all around. Asking me to go back to my old life and leave you. But I am still standing right here the exact spot where you left me..waiting...

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