Saturday, March 8, 2008

have you ever thought of walking away from what you feared most
just forgetting what you have done
walking through the neighbourhood not to think but to hear what people think
its funny everytime i look outside at night, its just an opportunity to hear

walking in the mall seeing what i've dream of having
the thing you see in cinema's when you are watching others with companion

looking left and right yet still doesnt feel the same even if people surrounds you
must have some special thing thats missing all this while
the one thing that makes a guy sing his heart and maybe some cash out

the thing is why must great things come so slow when you are suffering...just wishing a breath of happiness is breathed in...

places i go doesnt feel the same when i look around..playing pool by myself when others holding their companion's hands..why am i saying all of these

is it because the girl in my life has faded from reality or was it never real
i dreamt you were in my arms that night. You made it snow.
Snowflakes never seem so beautiful till that night.
Then out of a sudden, it the tears in my eyes

the next thing i know you werent there anymore
across the streets i saw you. You seem so close yet i can't bring myself closer to you
there goes..all dreams are gone when i open my eyes
the smiles in your face faded away and all i could do was to treasure that dream

as i asked myself the same question
what have i been doing wrong, whats the purpose of this suffering..still no answer
the time is yet to come till i can hear that answer to my questions
just wait...i am still here...waiting

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