Saturday, March 29, 2008

today was funn

dunno how to explain to you...well its just that sat isnt that boring after all

was in the computer lab the whole time...COOL EH

we played mafia..then came TRUTH OR DARE

its was seriously funny and fun

mr kevin had to hump the wall..well i hope he doesnt leave any droppings on know what i mean

mr patrick had to spell my name using missisipy...and i had to do two stuffs

first i had to asume i like sara and ask her out on a me you must be sporting for this k

so it went like this

*lean against the wall

*sara looking at me weirdly..

Me: hey wanna

*sara move away

Me: can you stand still and let me finish...haha

*i moved closer

Me: would you want to go out with me on a date ?Sara: NOOOO


*everyone laughed

then i had to do the walts with ashley...she isnt a bad dancer though..ahhaha

well then i went out with mum..yada yada moives yada yada..thats about it i guess


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